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Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kurth Bohr- und Brunnenausrüstungen GmbH

Ingenius and impressive – the KURTH drill mast MBL 73/18

Ingenius and impressive – the KURTH drill mast MBL 73/18

Whenever ordnance explorations call for vertical and cased drillings, drill rigs or excavators together with hollow augers are employed. This type of drilling is time-consuming though.

Now, this is no longer necessary with the

brand new KURTH drill mast MBL 73/18 !!


To begin with, a 7 m long hollow drill auger segment is driven down in minutes. After that, the drill head reaches for the second 7 m segment harbored in the drill mast magazine, connects it to the first one, and then drives the assembly down to the final depth of 14 m - that’s all it takes to complete a cased drill hole!

After that, the protective PVC-piping for the following measurements is entered and the two auger segments removed again. The next exploration sites can then be engaged without the need to put the hollow auger segments aside or to store them somewhere else between drillings.

Our machines are rugged and dependable, our service well respected.

Flimsy and cheap is not the way we do things.

Whenever your drilling equipment’s reliability is a must, we’re the ones to turn to.