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Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kurth Bohr- und Brunnenausrüstungen GmbH

Company succession secured

Company succession secured

The company Lutz Kurth Bohr- und Brunnenausrüstungen GmbH has been located in the southern Harz region since 1995. Starting in the Kommunikationsweg in Nordhausen, for a long time under the Kohnsteinbrücke in Niedersachswerfen and since 2008 again at home at the Darre, drilling rigs and equipment for well sinking and geothermal energy are manufactured and distributed in Germany as well as in Europe. 

The guiding principle "Innovation that goes deep" is impressively embodied by Lothar Kaufhold. In his 28 years with the company, he has played a major role in its development and success. Initially employed as a mechanic, he first took over the position of workshop manager, then operations manager and sales. Therefore, it is also a personal motivation for him to fulfill the post of managing director with as much commitment as before. 

He takes over the office from Dirk Krueger, graduate geologist from Celle, who led the fortunes of Kurth GmbH since 2011 and is now retiring. The employees thank him for the always fair and professional handling on eye level and wish him all the best, luck and above all health for the coming time! 

Taking over a company in today's times requires stamina. Ukraine war, Corona virus or shortage of skilled workers are unfortunately not the only stumbling blocks on the way. Even a small procedure, such as changing the entry in the commercial register, becomes a feat of strength due to stiff German bureaucracy. 

The Kurth company continues to take these obstacles as an incentive. The confidence is high to repeat the successful business years of the past with the good business relations to customers and suppliers.