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Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kurth Bohr- und Brunnenausrüstungen GmbH


Kurth makes an impact!

Our company has developed the completely new KB 18-DP probing and drilling unit. It is equipped with a very powerful impact hammer with integrated…

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We have extended our range of pumping stations!
The new models SPA 120 and SPA 150 are both powered by 4-cylinder diesel engines (SPA 120: 22 KW, SPA…

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KB 13: At sea, ashore, and now even airborne

Our third drill for a customer in Greenland is something really special! This ‘heli-portable’ KB 13 can be delivered to difficult-to-access drill…

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KURTH drill rigs allow you to operate efficiently. Their outstanding performance is achieved by utilizing only time-proven components and high-quality…

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The new Drill Mast MBL 33/12 for Searching Misfire and Munition

Apart from standard exploration procedures there is an increasing demand for drill masts being operated with excavators in the field of detecting…

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March 2016: Exhibition in Izmir / Turkey

The international fair Marble Izmir is a meeting-point for the whole stone industry being interested in the exploitation and treatment of natural…

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Launching of a New Drill Rig Generation – The Kurth KB 18

The brand new drill rig  KB 18 is designed for a depth of 100m. Powered by a noise protected 35 kW Kubota Diesel engine this rig has a weight of only…

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Anything Goes – at least at Kurth Company

Once again a customer approached us with an ambitious project. His concern was to create a weatherproof self-propelled vehicle containing a working…

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The new Light Boom Drill with rotator

This new rotator combination allows you to accomplish even the most complicated drilling position. Our new excavator-mounted Boom Drills MBL and LBL…

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