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Kurth Drilling Rigs - In use Internationaly

KB 30/150, KB 20/100, KB 13Geothermal and water well drillingLithuania and Latvia
KB 30/150, KB 20/100Geothermal, water well and geological drillingKasachstan
KB 20/100Special construction (slope reinforcement)Krasnodar/Russia
KB 20/100Geothermal wellsMoscow, St. Petersburg/Russia
KB 20/100, KB 13Geothermal, water well and geological drillingRussia
KB 20/100Geothermal and water well drillingBelarus
KB 20/100Geothermal and water well drillingTirol/Austria
KB 20/100Geological drillingNigeria
KB 13 ESpecial construction (rockbolting)Belgien
KB 13Geological drillingBulgaria
KB 13 CDSpecial construction (rockbolting, core drilling) Macedonia
KB 13Geothermal and water well drillingUkraine
 KB 10/2, KB 13, KB 13 T,KB 13 S,  KB 20/100Geological drillingNigeria, India
KB 10/1, KB 20Geological drillingDenmark
KB 10/4Special construction and water well drillingEger/Hungary
KB 10/2Water well drillingSlovakia
MBL 33, LBL spezialSpecial construction (slope reinforcement)Krasnodar/Russia
MBL 23Special constructionIsrael
MBL 20For subsequent foundation works for photovoltaic constructions.Greece
LBL spezialGeological drilling (Permafrost)Norge / Spitsbergen
LBL 1200Special constructionItaly
LBL 1200Geological drillingRussia
LBL 1200Drilling for 2D and 3D seismic explorationNigeria

Small Drilling Rig KB 10/2 at Water Tower Working Site

I am proud owner of a Kurth drill rig type KB 10/2 since 2004. After a lot of successful experiences in dry drilling with augers and casings I decided to upgrade the rig with a swivel for mud rotary drilling and DTH hammer drilling. Thus I now am able to perform all drilling methods which may become necessary for well and geothermal drilling regardless of the geology.
Fortunately Kurth drilling rigs are preconditioned to accept later modifications in mechanical as well as hydraulical respect and so it was on my KB 10, too. Water supply is provided by a self propelled centrifugal water pump mounted to a trailer. This pump trailer can be towed by the KB 10 or a compressor in case of hammer drilling. Now I am able to perform a broad variety of drilling methods in order to meet and realize nearly all customer’s requests.

I do hope that my close and fruitful relationship to Kurth company will last as long as I am working in this field, because it is and will continue to be the basis for my success.

Bernd Hartung, CEO Bohrservice Sömmerda, Germany ( )

Firma Kurth - Our long-term and reliable partner

We obtained a small-sized drilling rig from the company Kurth in 1997. Since then we have been extremely satisfied by this rig which belongs to the first generation of the KB-20 series and the services provided by the company Kurth so far. To meet increasing demand for drilling jobs we ordered a second KB 20/100 in 2007. This rig has also shown an excellent performance.
Summarizing 10 years of co-operation with the company Kurth we came to the conclusion that not only the service has coped with all requirements but that also the rigs have been continuously developed in accordance with all practical needs. 
Finally, in 2009 we fulfilled our wish for a KB 13. This rig has been equipped with all the technical trimmings for a maximum quality of drilling works. Like the others, it absolutely meets our requirements and we are sure to work with it successfully too.

Hartmut Weigandt from Weigandt Brunnenbau Emleben