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Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Kurth Bohr- und Brunnenausrüstungen GmbH


Global Player

Since its formation in 1995, the Kurth GmbH has evolved into an internationally operating company. We maintain business relationships throughout Europe, as well as in Africa, America, Asia, and Australia.

Our Philosophy

The Kurth GmbH’s motto is clear-cut: We strive to provide machines which distinguish themselves by their small size, high performance, and in addition by their low cost. Here in the south of the Harz mountains, we produce compact and excellent machines mainly for well-drilling, geo-technological and geo-thermal applications, but which can also be used for specialist underground engineering and ordnance exploration. During the course of time, our portfolio has expanded considerably:  At first there were small drilling rigs with track widths of a mere 700mm and a weight of just 1200Kg. Next came very versatile drilling rigs that could be deployed in any type of geology with different mission weights and carriages with drilling extensions of up to 6300mm designed as excavator attachments. Special designs, drilling tools, and products for the completion of wells complement Kurth GmbH’s present range.

We make a point of maintaining a customer-oriented, high quality design for every single piece of equipment, while also ensuring practical solutions for drillings in the most diverse usage sites.  We benefit from our close-knit internal organization from taking the orders through design to production, which allows us individual and innovative solutions.

Our Staff

Starting out as a three-man company in 1995, the Kurth GmbH has grown to be a medium-sized enterprise presently employing a workforce of around 20. Our experienced staff and our determination to solve even difficult problems makes the Kurth GmbH a respected mechanical engineering company that knows its trade. Customers in and out of the country value our high motivation to accept technical challenges and to skillfully meet them.

Our Location

The Kurth GmbH is located in Nordhausen, in the north of Thuringia. This region lies in central Germany and is easily accessed through the nearby southern Harz mountain autobahn A38.